Workshops and Seminars

Workshops & Seminars

The Internet of Things is a trending topic that’s guaranteed to be well received.  I’ve trained hundreds of employees and event attendees on the Internet of Things using my step by step methodology that covers IoT technology and then the business of how to make money with it. My training sessions are taught in full-day workshop and half-day seminar formats.  Look below to see what over a 100 of my students have to say.

With over a trillion dollars projected to be spent on IoT in 2020, the Internet of Things is not only changing the way people live, but it’s changing the way business is being conducted.

Businesses are eager to learn about IoT, but finding the right information is difficult. What’s freely available is often factually wrong or at best, incomplete.

I’ve been the CEO of an IoT tech company and currently advise companies on how to monetize IoT in their business. My seminars and workshops pull together the pieces and teach managers, from all industries, what IoT is and how it can be leveraged in their business.

Student Testimonials

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Great approach to developing a new IoT solution by looking from the top down vs. bottoms up. Helpful for all kinds of companies especially enterprise vendors but good for service providers and IoT solution providers.

 Dean Chang – Aeris Communications, Inc

It was an excellent overview of the subject that covers every importan aspect of it, especially oriented to business value.

 Gonzalo Escuder – ANTEL

Excellent. Fantastic overview of the whole space, allowing better selection of sessions for the rest of the week at the conference. 100 slides was a bit harsh, but there was lots of material to cover.

 Ken Friesen – AppCarousel

Great structure, great oveview technically as well as the business side. Bruce is passionate and a great presentor with the ability to motivate the attendees; good discussions.

 Peider Weiss – Avenicom

I’ve been in working in this field for a couple of years now and I found the workshop to be super relevant and interesting.

 Yair Poleg – Ayyeka

The workshop was brilliant. The most beneficial six hours of the conference for me.

 Olasoji Obanewa – Big Picture Nigeria Limited

Thank you, it was useful and practical.

 Aleksandr Kazimianec – Binar Solutions

Working for a company that is an IoT & PAAS-based business before those terms existed gave me perspective & structure towards true potential of this movement. IoT gets tossed around as a marketing buzzword but this workshop presented depth & org to something that didn’t seem tangible but rather theoretical.

 Alex Kim – Blue Bite

Excellent overview about IoT concepts and history. Good examples about how IoT support is bringing outcome to the company.

 Mario Ferreira Filho – Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda.

Very informative, easy pace. Sets up a good framework for evaluation of IoT adoption.

 Raju Shah – ByDesign SV

High value introduction to IoT.

 Bjørn Broum – Capgemini Norway

I believe that one of the best workshops I’ve been part of. Story line is very-well designed for explanation and learning.

 Flavio Pimentel – CI&T

Absolutely loved it. Best overview of IoT and all its components from what it is to the business side to the practical examples side and everything in between.

 Shraddha Chaplot – Cisco

Workshop was very good. Wish I could have previewed the day 2 content.

 Rasheim Myers – Cisco

Great overview, appropriate for the audience, or at least for me, mostly a novice to IoT in business.

 Leon Lindstrom – Clearesult

Workshop had a lot of useful info. Liked that there was both a business and technical focus.

 JR Silverthorne – ConRes

I was very fortunate to attend the ‘Building your IoT Business Workshop’ by Bruce Sinclair from who for the good part of 8 hours transferred an enormous amount of knowledge and learning to the group in attendance. Bruce is an intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable IoT expert and I can only say if you are in need of understanding this topic and get a chance to attend one of Bruce’s workshops then it’s well worth it.

 Peter Roche – Cooee Connect

Overall a good workshop – Framework for evaluating IoT projects (will use the framework for evaluating our projects) – Bruce knowledge in IoT domain.

 Sunil Achyut – Corning

I found your presentation very interesting especially the model (around the washing machine) you used to show how things work.

 Yannick Flegeau – Credit Agricole SA

Bruce is a very informed, thorough, engaging presenter. I found the workshop very helpful. His advice was both cogent and succinct. Definitely worth the time.

 Stephen Brown – CSA Group

I was there only for the afternoon session, it was very helpful in grasping an overview of the IoT industry and guidelines for building business models around IoT solutions.

 Frank Liao – Daimler Trucks North America LLC

Great introduction to IoT, I learned a lot from Bruce’s insight.

 Tom Poole – Dell EMC

IoT fundamentals was the prefect start to IoT world.  It should be a newbie pre-req for the event!  The absence of this session, would be like navigating a dense morning fog without autonomous vehicle IoT sensory or those things our ancestors called fog lights.

 Scott Weinstein – Dell Technologies

It was great overall. The Session 1 (IoT Tech) was a bit too much for me as an IoT beginner with many unfamiliar terminologies, but the business aspects were exactly what I wanted to learn, and very interesting.

 Tohru Iwama – DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc.

Actually it was a really useful experience and gather what we could productization and enter to IoT market.

 Asoke Rathnayake – Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka

I learned new terms like software defined product and the new way of thinking of IOT for future connected devices. A very good analysis and real world examples helped me to get the complex concepts clear. Will listen to the podcasts as well for further updates of new things.

 Pradeep Wijesinghe – Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka

The workshop provided some excellent insights and tips into building an IoT Business. The presentation slides were very good.

 Kevin Isaacman – Dimension Data

Very interesting – It exceed my expectations – Very well organized.

 Mariano Centeno – DISTECNA

Great overview on what is happening around IoT as well as both the technical and business fundamentals. Bruce is a true early pioneer and have a wealth of experience / expertise to enlighten the audience!

 Frank Yan – ebp Management Consulting

Very insightful for a novice individual to IoT World.

 VSD Prasad Boppana – Emerson

Excellent opportunity to know and understand different IoT business models, opportunities and benefits.

 Cristián Gárate – Entel Chile

I can say that it provides a very thorough overview of all the different key elements involved in establishing an IoT business.

 Paolo Filetti – Ericsson

Very good balance and focus on the business case as driver for the IoT. Good hands-on examples from different industries. Special good impression on the development of rationale on data analytics as a fundament for achieving the goals for the implementation of the IoT business application.

 Jesper Rhode Andersen – Ericsson

Very good introductory course on IoT. It gave a good technology and business overview.

 Lingaraj Patil – Ericsson

Real good workshop with focus and value and not on technology.

 Thomas Dahmen – Ericsson GmbH

Excellent in-depth explanation of the outcomes of implementing an IoT project.

 Carlos Apodaca – Explosion Movil

Bruce is a great speaker.

 Tito Chowdhury – FashioNxt

It’s difficult to sift through the myriad of platforms, radio technologies, and app development resources all catering to IoT. Bruce’s seminar takes a step back and focuses on IoT from a business value perspective, rather than jumping to the technology solutions. I recommend his seminar to anyone representing an enterprise challenged with navigating IoT Strategy.

 Tommy Trullinger – Franklin Electric

It was one of the best overview of IoT that I have seen. Thank you!

 Mandar Joshi – Fujitsu

Overall, I felt that the content provided was very valuable.

 Greg Schlabaugh – GCI

Awesome workshop! I especially enjoyed the emphasis on the business side of IoT, the outcome economy is the future and you share with us a basic plan as to what we need to do get ready.

 Steven Simkins – GCI

Very good. Demonstrating value for IoT is very important especially for government customers.

 William Townsend – Georgia Tech Research Institute

The workshop covered a tremendous amount of subject matter in a small amount of time, but still was able to focus on the core value needing when building an IoT business. Bruce obviously has deep and broad expertise in the technology behind the internet of things.

 Lancen LaChance – GlobalSign

Excellent top down view of IOT value creation focusing on the real benefits of connectivity away from the typical technology approach.

 Steve McDaniel – Globecomm

It was a very thorough insight of the dynamics underpinning the decisions that one needs to consider when building an IoT business plan.

 Patrick Gatt – GO plc

Fantastic workshop! Bruce did an exceptional job at outlining how to build an IoT business in a way that was relevant to all industries and all levels of knowledge. We had about 40 IoT leads from all corners of the globe representing multiple industries.

 Liz Vogel Keurig – Green Mountain

Workshop content is well-organized with good examples in each key section. It gives a sharp updated insight on overall industry.

 Bess Ho – GSQ

It was extremely good — really eye-opening intro to IoT.

 Nishant Dass – GT

It was valuable for us to grasp IoT business comprehensively.

 Shotaku Ono – Hitachi High Technologies

The workshop provided good insights on how to approach business opportunities in the emerging IoT space. Understanding how value is created and captured with data will transform industries. The tools and framework provided in the workshop are excellent starting points for any enterprise that wants to take advantage of IoT.

 John Hajdukiewicz – Honeywell

Excellent presentation!

 Arzim Loukmane – House Of Commons – Canada

This was an excellent course that gave an overview of all aspects of an IoT solution then focused upon the critical items to develop an IoT business case. The IoT business case examples were very helpful in understanding the value proposition identification behind the application of this technology.

 Curt Gervelis – HP

Well laid out and good materials. Bruce obviously knows a lot about the industry and has useful examples.

 Russ Coffin – Huawei

Great insights into enterprise IoT and real approaches to driving value with IoT.

 Awdesh Chetal – Hyperthings

Good workshop, particularly the technical session.

 Aydin Ersoz – Innova

Good beginner/intermediate overview of IoT. Gets you ramped up quickly, instead of looking up all the pieces yourself.

 Anand Kumar – Intel

It was a well-structured workshop for the IoT subject. I believe the explanation was clear and sounding. Especially for all illustrations were very appropriate.

 Byung Yi – InterDigital Communications Inc.

Bruce’s workshop was very comprehensive from both technology and business side, and was very insightful for business to make well thought-out IoT and platform purchase decisions. Highly recommend to anyone new on this journey.

 Marshal Pang – JCI

The workshop provided a clear and easy-to-follow framework in creating an IoT business. Bruce demonstrated his deep knowledge in the area and was able to use a lot of examples and use cases to illustrate the ideas and concepts. The content was very dense and definitely worth a longer workshop. Great job Bruce!

 Ada Ma – Johnson Controls

A very good intro to the field and most importantly, kept focus on applying the technical capabilities to return business value. Good caveats regarding areas to watch out for and future guidance. Structure and organization of the workshop was quite good. Proceeded logically.

 Stuart Sands – Kaiser Permanente

Great material. I liked the focus on value and outcomes first.

 Wil Orinion – Kaiser Permanente

The workshop was a good overview on the process of creating an IoT product. Bruce’s use of a case study (ie. the dryer) help make the concepts more tangible.

 Susan Becker – Keyrock Consulting Partners

It was very insightful workshop that I can learn a deep know-how which can be used in real IoT business. Especially, the explanation of model-driven architecture was great and likely will be used in future project.

 Seung-Jae Lee – LG Electronics

I could learn the IoT Business process, concept, and value chain.

 KwangHee Choi – LG Uplus

I attended only the first section on the workshop focused mainly the business aspects of building an IOT business. My impression was very positive. Bruce did a good job in highlighting all major important areas that any entrepreneur trying to start a successful new venture in the IOT space should keep in mind – that equally applies to both start-ups and corporate product development.

 Michael Minkevich – Luxoft

I had to leave early but the first two sections were very well laid out. Your slides were very well done. Overall I was impressed that you could condense this topic down into a workshop.

 Don Rudski – Manitoba Telecom

The IoT workshop by Bruce Sinclair is very well-structured and great for technical and business product leaders. I would highly recommend it for those who are looking to gain an understanding of how business models & strategies for IoT products should be developed. Enjoyed learning the concepts & insights with the help of practical examples from various industries.

 Rakhi Sharma – Metanoia Innovations Inc.

Covered a lot of ground. Very informative. Great Presenter who knows his stuff.

 Robert Zagarella – National Narrowband Network Communications Pty Ltd

Workshop was held on a pretty close-to-earth level. This is probably the only efficient way, as you can never know in advance what are the current knowledge levels of the participants. Bruce is a very good lectioner, and as there was lots of two-directional conversations during the workshop so you had to focus on the presentation all the time.

 Mauri Aalto – Neste Jacobs Co

Very informative, and awesome speaker.

 Dilip Advani – Netscout

Some great information and perspective. The importance of models was a big take-away. Understanding the language was important preparation for the rest of the week.

 Keith Kelly – Northwestern Michigan College

Really good session, very comprehensive.

 Erich Reisenhofer – NXP

Very informative and thorough, gave me more value than anything else in the conference.

 Prashun Javeri – Origamy Inc

The workshop was very helpful in bringing together concepts that I was aware of, but had not seen as a connected whole. Having that cohesion and filling the gaps is an excellent basis for planning how to migrate my clients towards IoT and take advantage of the momentum that is emerging.

 Martin McKendry – OtterCom

Excellent! Very insightful, with clear strategies for implementation.

 Joe Kontur – Panasonic

It was a great and superb workshop. Well organized and easy to understand.

 Isuru Chathuranga – Pemarathne Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd

A lot of great information. Time well spent. Bruce is clearly an expert on IoT, the real world examples really helped clarify the concepts.

 Ben Dubois – Powerblanket

Good general introduction into IoT Business Models. Several useful resources on the slides – e.g. the business model matrix.

 Wawrzyniec (Lars) Kowalczyk – Profelis Consulting

A great summary of the IoT field that was ideal for beginners in the technology field and equally for those technologists seeking a wider customer value based business proposition.

 Mike Healey – RADA – A Kohler Company

On top of “Value from Information”, I could see concrete ideas to consider various business cases, ways of value generation and business models. Workshop was well organized with concrete case studies.

 Koichi Kamon – Ricoh Company Ltd

Good fundamentals and introduction to IoT.

 David Smith – Roche

Good presentation, I loved the focus on the business aspects instead of digging to much into those 1000 of technical possibilities.

 Hubert Hafner – RTSoft

Good overview of IoT and how the technology is being applied in today’s business environment. The presenter incorporated a wide variety of case studies that each participant could relate to from their respective industry.

 David Hallett – Sandvik Mining And Rock Technology

Overall, the workshop was great. Bruce also did great explaining the technical and the business side of the IoT.

 Mazen Arawi – SAP MENA

Thanks for a great workshop. I learned a lot and looking forward to get to business with all the insight I got :). Will check out your webpage and already following you on iTunes!

 Ingrid Danielsson – Sector Alarm Holding AS

Good balance of IoT technology and business at a broad level. Well-paced and an encouraging presenter to listen to and open to questions.

 Praveen Kanipkama – Sharp Software Development India

Good. Appreciate the insights.

 Jordan Tan – Shell

The workshop was good and really thorough. I don’t think there was one detail that wasn’t covered. This was really really great Bruce. Looking forward to the book!

 Jack Aboutboul – Simple Home

Was glad to have been able to attend it as it was insightful and useful for anyone new in the industry.

 Draupadie Wickramasinghe – Statseeker Pty Ltd

I was particularly interested in the technical discussion in the morning and found it to be very helpful. The afternoon’s portion on applying business use cases was a little too fundamental in my opinion, but appeared to be helpful for others.

 Lynda Attaway – Sunnova

It was an excellent workshop with end-to-end perspectives convening all major aspects of IoT business. Bruce Sinclair is an excellent teacher! I would like to take more classes from him and listen to his podcast and webinar!

 Ziaur Rahman – SunNur Network

Great info on IoT tech and business and use cases.

 Jun Zou – Sunsea Group

Excellent, impressive, and highly recommend.

 Nee Rao – Surya

The IoT fundamentals workshop lived up to its billing, by providing a comprehensive overview of the technology and business aspects associated with it. The presenter (Bruce Sinclair) was able to provide a pragmatic approach to IoT strategy and implementation based on his personal experiences in the industry.

 Mohan Ramankutty – Swisslog

Great workshop for both new and old companies in the IoT world. In a few hours we get in touch with definitions, technologies and trends.

 Matias Bueno – Taller Technologies

Clear explanation of how to monetize IoT, and how target customers can be approached. Unfortunately we couldn’t attend the after lunch part.

 Dirk Baijens – Teleena

Was great. Very helpful in providing a framework to understand the IoT market and businesses.

 Tony Crossman – Thales

Good insights from the speaker.

 Will Lam – Toshiba

Impressive content provided for a one day course.  Very impressed by the instructors domain knowledge and business model focus.  Information presented was clear and relevant to my interests.  Case studies were appropriate and practical.

 Jeff Siler – Trimble

Bruce Sinclair is one of the best in his area. He had given us a very wise guidance.

 Burcu Bayir – Turkish Exporters Assembly

I think the workshop gives a very good overview on what IoT means in a business sense and the examples provide good illustrations on how to apply IoT for different verticals.

 Lawrence Lau – University of Southern California

The workshop brings a different perspective on the overall concept of IoT, which is different from how industry understands it today. It helped me evaluate my understanding and to think differently on the IoT business than usual. A good insight for anyone wanting to understand the overall concept quickly from technology and business perspective. It will help you getting started. Thanks Bruce!

 Fahad Aijaz – Vodafone Group Services GmbH

The workshop was the most valuable part of the conference. It was the only session of the whole week that didn’t feel at least in some part to be a sales pitch. Great information and confirmation that we are doing a lot of things right.

 Brian Bode – Walmart Stores Inc.

It was a great short overview, and filled in some of the gaps. It was a good basis for what we saw the rest of the week at the conference.

 Tim Smith – Wannabe Trading

Very good in general, especially the business side of IoT. The first part of the workshop was too technical for me. However, lots of information received, thank you for that.

 Tuomas Keltto – Wärtsilä

Excellent workshop. The session gave me a much better understanding of the opportunity of IoT and how to approach discussions I will need to leverage that opportunity. I’d highly recommend the course for anyone interested in the space.

 Mike Mooney – WellConnect

Very interesting perspective of the big IoT picture.

 Yaron Elboim – Wiliot

Great workshop. Bruce is an expert on IoT with a level of unparalleled knowledge and deep insight on the industry that he has achieved by living and breathing IoT since the very beginning.

 Nima Dilmaghani – Yumdom

Workshop provided an excellent broad overview and deep-dive topics in the IoT space…a good introduction for some; a good refresher for others; and latest updates for veterans. Excellent use of examples and case studies to drive the concepts home.

 Mike Ruth – Zayo Group

EXCELLENT! I really learned a lot about the technology and business of IoT. It was at the appropriate level for the material (not too deep, not too high-level).

 Arnel Guanlao – Self

Overall, a good overview of the drivers behind creating an IoT business model. The practical activities were useful in demonstrating how to apply IoT concepts in various business scenarios.

 Kip Peterson – Self

IoT Essentials Workshop

My full-day workshop consists of two parts. In the morning, we cover IoT technology from a value-centric perspective. This view prioritizes value creation and more fully explains the interconnectivity and dependencies between IoT system components. In the afternoon, we cover IoT business. This begins with how IoT deepens the customer relationship and then moves into the core of business: value creation and how to monetize that value using IoT business models. After finishing this workshop, students will understand the fundamentals needed to start developing their company’s IoT technology and strategy. Here is the syllabus of my IoT Fundamentals Workshop:

Morning Session: IoT Tech

How the Internet of Things works so you can put it to work.

Big Picture and Architecture

Software-defined Product

  • Cyber model
  • Application

Hardware-defined Product

  • Embedded systems
  • Connected sensors/actuators

Network Fabric

  • Protocols, OT network, IT network, backhaul, fog, product cloud, the IoT Platform

External Systems

  • Analytics, external data services, business systems, other IoT products

Analytics on Big & Small Data

  • Descriptive, streaming, predictive and prescriptive analytics and more
  • How it works

Cyber Security & Risk Management

  • Threats and sources of liability
  • Risk assessment
  • Privacy

Afternoon Session: IoT Business

How the Internet of Things transforms business.

Big Business Picture

The Changing Customer Relationship

  • From casual to intimate
  • Increased customer lifetime value

Creating Value with IoT

  • The four ways to create value with IoT
  • Value modeling
  • App requirements
  • Analytics requirements

Monetizing IoT Value

  • The IoT Business Model Continuum
  • Business model choices and examples
  • The business model as the feature

Digital Transformation

  • IoT as the platform for digital transformation
  • Producing data for digital trasformation
  • Using data for operational advantage
  • Department by department competitive advantages

Getting Started

  • The IoT Business Plan
  • Development order and dependencies
  • Best practices

IoT Overview Seminar

My half-day seminar provides an overview of IoT tech and business. It provides students with an IoT foundation for general knowledge or to be built upon within their business. After finishing this seminar, students will understand the basics of IoT, its tech and the ways it can be used in business. Here is the syllabus of my IoT Basics Seminar:

IoT Architecture and Tech

  • The Software-defined product
  • The Hardware-defined product
  • The Network Fabric
  • External systems
  • IoT analytics
  • IoT cyber security

Big Business Picture

  • The changing customer relationship

Creating Value with IoT

  • The four ways to create value with IoT

Monetizing Value with IoT

  • The IoT Business Model and Tech
  • The IoT Business Model Continuum

The Internet of Things is one of the most cutting edge business and technology subjects today. If you’re looking to offer a winning corporate training to your company or a breakout session for your next event, contact me, I’d love to deliver it.

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