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85% of www.iot-inc.com‘s audience comprises managers making buying and selling decisions. While tech-focused marketing is important, it should be augmented with business-focused marketing to achieve meaningful sales. Expand your marketing narrative to include the business issues around delivering a positive ROI.


There’s a lot of information and misinformation scattered across the Internet on IoT – most of it is second hand and superficial, written by outsiders looking in. You need a trusted source.
Visit my media site, www.iot-inc.com, where you will find podcasts, videos and articles, mostly in the form of interviews – all with IoT’s most trusted authorities – and all for free. This expert advice is for managers – business or technical – who want to learn what the Internet of Things is and how to incorporate it into their business and products.

Just go to, www.iot-inc.com, to immerse yourself in expert advice about the Internet of Things.

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www.iot-inc.com is a leading business and technology resource for managers wanting to do business with IoT. It only provides practical and insightful information from IoT’s industry thought leaders. Not an M2M retread; no fluff pieces by writers; no news scraped from press releases.

Content is all original, in the form of articles, podcasts and videos. Podcasts and videos are transcribed so they can be studied more thoroughly.

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