For Enterprises and Vendors

IoT Consulting

I will personally work with you to define your company’s IoT strategy. I’m uniquely qualified by being both highly technical and business-focused on creating and monetizing IoT value.

I started in IoT in 2008 as CEO of a home network platform company. Since then I have advised enterprises, big and small, on how to develop their IoT businesses and product lines.

I have also advised IoT platform vendors, networking vendors, analytics vendors and security vendors on their marketing, sales and go to market strategies.

Through my podcast and video series, I have developed a deep network of contacts of the industry’s top thought leaders whom I can tap into at any time. And from teaching hundreds of managers in my workshops, I have been exposed to all of the most popular IoT use cases.

Advising Enterprises

If you are with an enterprise, I can help you:

  • Plan your IoT business and product line.
  • Decide which business to migrate to IoT first.
  • Advance your IoT product from ideation to concept to proof of concept to prototype to minimally viable product.
  • Understand how to best use IoT within your business.
  • Plan your in-house IoT business strategy.

Advising Vendors & Service Providers

If you are with a vendor or service provider, I can help you:

  • Plan and execute your company’s go-to-market strategy.
  • Position/re-position your company and develop its IoT messaging.
  • Establish strategic partnerships through his extensive network.
  • Develop the right ecosystem strategy.
  • Increase sales with a content marketing lead generation program.


Past clients include:

Let’s Talk

My thoughts on IoT play out in the public domain, so listen to my podcasts, watch my videos or participate in one of my webinars, to get a feeling of my approach. If it’s a good fit with yours, click on the button to make contact: