For Enterprises and Vendors

IoT Consulting and Advisory Services

A significant part of my business model is to provide consulting and advisory services to the buyers and sellers of IoT – helping enterprises and vendors define their IoT business and product/service strategies.

I have consulted with enterprises, manufacturers and brands, big and small, in all industries on how to develop their IoT businesses and product or service, and how to buy the IoT technology products they need.

I have also consulted with vendors who sell IoT platforms, networking equipment, embedded systems, analytics software and security systems on their marketing, sales and go to market strategies in the most popular IoT use cases and industry segments.

I also help my clients by tapping into my deep network of contacts and companies on the buy and sell side.

Enterprises, Manufacturers and Brands

If you are with an enterprise, manufacturer or brand, I can help you:

  • Plan your IoT business and product/service line.
  • Decide which business or operations or products or services to migrate to IoT first.
  • Advance your IoT product/service from ideation to concept to proof of concept to prototype to minimally viable product.
  • Understand how to best use IoT within your business.
  • Plan your in-house IoT business strategy and roadmap.

Vendors & Service Providers

If you are with a vendor or service provider, I can help you:

  • Plan and execute your company’s go-to-market or re-go-to-market strategy.
  • Position/re-position your company and develop its IoT messaging.
  • Establish strategic partnerships through my extensive network.
  • Develop and execute the right ecosystem strategy.
  • Increase sales with a custom content marketing lead generation program.

Let’s Talk

My thoughts on IoT play out in the public domain, so listen to my podcasts, watch my videos or participate in one of my webinars, to get a feeling of my approach. Or simply click on the button to make contact: